May 18, 2023

EEOC releases new guidelines on AI and hiring discrimination 

McKnights Senior Living

Artificial intelligence has many benefits for senior living and care operators, often making staff and administrators’ jobs easier and faster amid staffing shortages, in addition to technologies that make residents safer. It is not without dangers, however, as it is susceptible to fraud, patient record inaccuracies and fueling employment discrimination. 

Thursday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released guidance on preventing discrimination for companies, including healthcare and senior living organizations, that use AI to hire workers.

The EEOC’s new document is focused on preventing discrimination against job seekers and workers. The implications for the healthcare sector and nursing home providers and tech vendors are wide-ranging.

Senior living and nursing home employers increasingly use AI to help hire new employees, monitor performance and determine salary or promotions. Those technologies can include resume scanners that prioritize applications using certain keywords, employee monitoring software, virtual assistants or chatbots that reject applicants who don’t meet predefined requirements, and video interviewing software that evaluates candidates based on facial expressions and speech patterns. 

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