June 11, 2021

Gov. Wolf Signs Bills Extending COVID-19 Emergency Regulation Suspensions

Today, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation that extends the most critical components of the COVID-19 disaster declaration emergency. 

“Over the last few weeks, my administration has worked hard to educate and inform the General Assembly of the importance of the temporary rule suspensions associated with the COVID-19 disaster declaration,” Gov. Wolf said. “I appreciate the General Assembly’s adoption of my administration’s recommendations on the significance of keeping the important regulatory suspensions associated with COVID-19 disaster emergency declaration provisions in place for a few more months.” 

House Bill 854 extends the emergency regulation suspensions under the COVID-19 emergency until September 30, 2021, unless sooner terminated. It also amends the Administrative Code to require an executive agency to preserve all records in their possession relating to the COVID-19 disaster emergency declaration in accordance with the agency’s existing record retention policy.

Read Press Release HERE

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