May 4, 2022

HRSA: Non-verified Providers Able to Substantiate Eligibility Status


HRSA recently posted an updated FAQ on the ability for certain providers to submit additional documentation for consideration of Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Phase 4 payments. Argentum has pressed HRSA on the issue of “uncured” applicants and appreciates this change to allow providers that may have been incorrectly denied to be reconsidered for relief.

Assisted living providers may have been denied eligibility because their entity and/or TINs could not be verified as a known provider. This may be due to HRSA not being able to validate based on available data sources for providers who either self-identified or because HRSA identified them as such based on their national provider identifier (NPI) and National Provider and Plan Enumeration System (NPPES) taxonomy.

Affected providers will have a new opportunity to substantiate their eligibility status, but must submit required documentation by May 9 to be considered for Phase 4 payments. Providers are requested to submit contact information, the DocuSign number associated with their Phase 4 application, and a license or other documentation to substantiate their authority to provide health care services if operating or practicing in a state/territory that does not license their facility or provider type. HRSA will review the licensure documentation in order to validate these providers. Validation is a necessary step to be eligible for payment and entities that do not respond to this information request will not be validated and will not be eligible for a Phase 4 payment.

Separately, providers that have been notified they will receive a payment but have not yet received funds may need to set up an Automated Clearing House (ACH) account in order to access funds. This applies to any providers with payments in excess of $100,000. HRSA previously recommended applicants to sign up for an ACH account at the same time they submitted a PRF application to prevent delays in issuing payment once an application has been approved. If you have any questions, you may contact

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