October 17, 2019

HB 1930 introduced to update the Older Adults Protective Services Act

Rep. Tim Hennessey reintroduced legislation to update and make necessary improvements to the Older Adults Protective Services Act (Act 79 of 1987), former HB 2549.This legislation will amend the criminal background check provisions in the current act. Specifically, it will provide a refinement of employment bans for individuals convicted of certain enumerated crimes, addressing the Peake v. Commonwealth decision in 2015.

In addition, this legislation will require financial institutions in the Commonwealth to include in their employee training programs specific training in recognizing signs of potential financial abuse of an older adult, and the process to make an abuse report, in accordance with the Older Adults Protective Services Act. The legislation also includes clarification and updated changes to the investigation processes performed by the Area Agencies on Aging.


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