March 27, 2023

PALA Executive Director, Margie Zelenak, recognized in the PA Health Care Power 100

PALA is honored to have Margie included in the PA Health Care Power 100. The inclusion of PALA and Margie in this list reflects the expanding part that Personal Care and Assisted Living play in the continum of care in Pennsylvania.

Find the PA Health Care Power 100 HERE

93. Margie Zelenak

Executive Director, Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association

A veteran of the personal care and assisted living sectors, Margie Zelenak has headed the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association since 2016. Her advocacy took on new urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Zelenak successfully lobbied for $100 million in relief funding for her constituency, as well as a $20 million increase in supplemental security income for low-income seniors in this year’s state budget. Zelenak is also a member of the governor’s Long-Term Care Council.

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