June 28, 2021

State Budget appropriates $30 million for Personal Care and Assisted Living providers.

The House and Senate passed the PA 2021-2022 budget on Friday June 25th. The budget included appropriations from the American Rescue Plan. PCH/ALR will receive $27 million based on occupancy at the last state inspection prior to April 1, 2020. $3 million was allocated based on the number of SSI residents. Also an additional $5 million was appropriated for the Long-Term Care Facility Ventilation grant program. DHS will establish a grant program for indoor air management strategies aimed at reducing the risk of transmission of and occupant exposure to COVID-19. Nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and personal care homes are eligible for the grant program.
 HB 1348 (page 19-23) for more information

Only $2 billion, of the $7 million PA received from the American Rescue Plan, was allocated. PALA will continue to advocate for additional funding for PCH/ALR as everyone continues to battle the financial affects COVID-19 has on your community. 

Once DHS releases further information on the application process for PCH/ALR, we will provide it to our members and post on our website. PALA anticipates a quicker and smoother release of the funding to providers since communities are in the DHS system because of the CARES Act funding.

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