Your Voice is Powerful.  Your Story is Needed

Here’s the bottom line, with a new Congress and much work to do to advance our legislative priorities—workforce development, access and affordability of senior living communities, common sense immigration reforms, and other issues we are advancing together—your voice and expertise are crucial to advance these issues on Capitol Hill! Legislators need to hear firsthand from you, their constituents, about the workforce and affordability challenges senior living communities face, and the impact our priorities will have on the quality of life of seniors and senior living workers. 

We simply cannot do this without you.We really need broad representation of Argentum members to drive home our messages with as many Members of Congress as possible. National data and industry trends can be compelling, but personal stories that involve constituents in their states or districts really gets the attention of legislators and their staff.  Argentum is ready to connect you with key policymakers to fight for policies that are critical to you and the seniors that you serve.

Attend the Argentum Public Policy Institute and walk away with:

  • The tools, data, and skills that you need to influence policy makers and strengthen your communities.
  • A better understanding of the federal policies that affect you and a better understanding of how you can affect those policies.
  • A new or stronger connection with your Congressional delegation.
  • New contacts in the industry to advance your goals at the local, state, and federal level.

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