PALA is a professional not-for-profit trade association representing Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Communities for-profit and not-for-profit that vary in size from small owners to large state and national corporations.

Our Mission Statement

PALA provides education, unity, advocacy and interaction a full time undertaking with our sole purpose of raising awareness through education of the public, private, regulatory and legislative sectors.

What We Do

One of PALA’s primary objectives is to provide a unified voice of the homes we represent and the residents they serve by advocating for informed choice, quality care and accessibility for seniors residing in the Commonwealth. The relationship we have developed with the Department of Human Services, Bureau of Human Services Licensing, Office of Long Term Living and Standing Committees in the House and Senate allow PALA to maintain open lines of communication on regulatory and legislative issues affecting our industry.

Why We Do it

PALA remains committed and strives to meet Argentum’s Core Principles including: Mission, Vision, Regulatory Framework, Philosophy of Assisted Living, Licensure of Assisted Living, Consumer Disclosure, Informed Choice, Hospice Intervention, Resident Rights, Resident Assessments and Care Planning, Negotiated Risk Agreements, Staff Requirements, Staff Qualifications, Pre-employment Requirements, Medication Management, Physical Plant, Disaster Planning, and Certificate of Need.

What We Can Do Together

PALA’s membership allows for the recognition of different types of homes within the same industry to be represented by the only trade association dedicated exclusively to representing this very special residential care alternative. PALA provides a legislative voice in Harrisburg and our national affiliate- Argentum carries the concerns of our members to the Nation’s Capital. Our associations continue to uphold increasing the services and standards for operational excellence in Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Communities.

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