PALA offers three different membership opportunities.

Provider Membership

The Provider membership is for any for-profit or not-for-profit organization that owns or operates a licensed personal care home or assisted living community. Annual membership dues are based on resident capacity. This membership also includes new communities under construction.

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Industry Partner Membership

The Industry Partner membership is for any individual or organization that provides goods or services to personal care homes or assisted living communities. Annual membership dues are a flat rate.

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Associate Membership

The Associate membership is for an individual or agency interested in advocating for Pennsylvania’s Personal Care and Assisted Living Communities. The membership is available to government agencies, students, and retirees, but does not include those who are currently employed by or operating a community in Pennsylvania.

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Important tax return information 
PALA dues are non-deductible as a charitable contribution.  However, they may be partially deductible as business expenses.  PALA estimates that 7% of 2020 PALA membership dues and 10% of 2021 PALA membership dues are a non-deductible business expense due to lobbying activities on your behalf. 

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