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What is a Political Action Committee (“PAC)?

A PAC is any political committee established and administered by corporations, labor unions, membership organizations or trade associations that receive contributions and makes expenditures to, or on behalf of, any candidate other than a candidate’s own authorized political committees or the political committees of any state, county, city township, borough ward or other committee of any political party or political body. PACs can solicit contributions from individuals associated with the connected or sponsoring organization. Pennsylvania state law prohibits corporate contributions. A PAC must have a treasurer and a chairperson and, unless both positions are filled, a PAC is prohibited from receiving contributions or making expenditures.

Fast facts on PALA PAC

PALA PAC is the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association’s bipartisan political action committee, the purpose of which is to contribute to candidates seeking elective office who support the public policies and programmatic goals of PALA as developed by PALA’s Board of Directors on behalf of its members.

PALA PAC can receive individual contributions and PAC contributions. Corporate contributions are prohibited. A PAC must report the full name and mailing address of each person who has made one or more contributions to or for the PAC or candidate within the reporting period in an aggregate amount or value in excess of fifty dollars ($50) together with the amount and date of such contributions.

The funds raised are pooled and used as political contributions to incumbents or candidates. PALA PAC contributes to candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly as well as statewide offices who are supportive of PALA.

Contributions to PALA PAC are not deductible for state or federal tax purposes.

Pennsylvania law does not limit the amount that may be contributed by the PALA PAC or the time frame under which contributions maybe made to a political campaign.

Why contribute to PALA PAC?

Pennsylvania Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Residences are directly impacted by laws developed by elected officials. Every year, the state legislature spends months considering proposed legislation that could affect our businesses’ bottom lines. The contributions made by PALA PAC support candidates who are knowledgeable about and supportive of the care and services provided by our industry to seniors throughout Pennsylvania.

Who decides which candidates should receive PALA PAC financial support?

Members of the PALA PAC Board of Directors make the final decision on candidate contributions. The Board will solicit recommendations from PALA members in selecting which candidates will receive PAC contributions.

What if I choose not to contribute at this time?

That is your choice. Election laws state that you cannot be coerced to participate. However, the earlier you contribute, the earlier PALA PAC can support business advocates. Waiting until it’s too late in the campaign season increases the chances of being outspent by the opposition.

How will I know what happens to my contribution?

It’s important to note that the contributions PALA PAC makes are not secret. The PALA PAC must make reports regarding receipt and expenditures on forms prescribed by the PA Department of State. Each report contains a summary page of the information to be reported that will be forwarded to each member of the Board upon filing of the reports. The list of all endorsed candidates will appear on the PALA website.  PALA PAC contributions are public records and are available from the PA Department of State.

Can I claim an income tax credit or deduction for my contribution?

No. Political contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income taxes.

What if I already give directly to candidates?

That’s great-you should! But you should also give to PALA PAC. PALA PAC represents the unified voice of Personal Care and Assisted Living in Pennsylvania. The pooling of contributions from many supportive Personal Care and Assisted Living leaders allows PALA PAC to make one large contribution to a candidate on behalf of Personal Care/Assisted Living supporters in Pennsylvania; in other words, it provides more “bang for the buck.”

Will you give to a political party I don’t support?

PALA PAC is a bipartisan political action committee, and the PALA membership is active in both political parties. PALA PAC does not support candidates just because of their party affiliation. The PAC considers the integrity and character of the candidate; his/her leadership position and committee assignment; demonstrated interest in and support for Personal Care/Assisted Living issues.

Do PALA Membership dues pay for PALA PAC?

No. By law, PALA membership dues cannot contribute for you. Personal Care and Assisted Living leaders must make all political contributions personally and voluntary.  PALA membership dues support the associations lobbying activities.  


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