April 21, 2020

Announcement from the Bureau of Human Services Licensing relating to the Certificate of Compliance application process.

New and Existing Certificate of Compliance Applications

BHSL is continuing to review requests for new licenses and increases in capacity. Applicants and licensed providers of personal care homes and assisted living residences are asked to continue to mail in the HS- 633 Application for Certificate of Compliance. For tracking purposes only (original must still be mailed in order to pursue licensure), please send a copy to Jill Kachmar at

We ask that all required/requested policies and procedures associated with the following actions be sent via email to Jill Kachmar at

  • Opening a new facility
  • Sale or Change of Legal Entity of a licensed facility
  • Addition of, or increase in capacity of, a Secured Dementia Care Unit or Secure Care Unit
  • Any increase or decrease in total capacity of a facility
  • Waiver requests
  • Request for Admission of Resident with Excludable Conditions (RAREC)

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