January 23, 2024

Direct Care Worker Pilot Study


What is the Direct Care Worker Pilot Study?

The Direct Care Worker (DCW) Pilot Study will determine the feasibility of conducting a national survey in the future. CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is conducting the pilot study. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring it. About 300 direct care workers will be chosen for the DCW Pilot Study from residential care communities, adult day services center, and nursing homes across the country. DCWs such as certified nursing assistants, nursing assistants, home health aides, home care aides, personal care aides, personal care assistants, and medication technicians or medication aides are included.

How can I participate in the Direct Care Worker Pilot Study?

The study involves the completion of a 30-minute web or mail survey that asks direct care workers about training, job history, work setting, wages, benefits, and family life. If you would like to participate in this important study, please call the DCW Pilot Study Help Desk at 866-214-2047.

Why was I chosen for this pilot?

You were chosen as one of the direct care workers who work in a residential care community, adult day services center, or nursing home. You are one of about 759,900 direct care workers who provide care to 2,491,000 million services users at more than 51,200 of these facilities in the United States.

You are important to us!

The most reliable information comes directly from direct care workers like you. We recognize that DCWs are an important component of the long-term care sector in the United States. When you participate in this pilot study, you help ensure that in the future DCW surveys will be up-to-date and more accurately portray your job to health care planners and policymakers.

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