September 10, 2019

PALA was instrumental in developing the legislation for HB 1442 because of the barriers for Personal Care Homes to transition to Assisted Living.

When legislation authorizing Assisted Living Residences as a licensed model of care in Pennsylvania was enacted, the Office of Long-Term Living projected that between new construction and Personal Care Homes transitioning to become Assisted Living Residences, there would be over 300 licensed Assisted Living Residences in operation by FY 2014-2015. Currently, there are only 49 licensed residences. Several factors prohibit and/or dissuade current Personal Care Homes from transitioning to Assisted Living Residences including the physical site requirements set forth in current regulations. This legislation enables Personal Care Homes interested in converting to assisted living’s higher level of care standards to do so consistent with the intent of the assisted living legislation by removing unnecessary and unintended impediments to their successful conversion. The goal of this legislation is to promote and improve the availability of and access to assisted living as an age-in-place residential care and support option that consumers expected but to which they do not now enjoy routine choice of and access to. This legislation will increase the availability of this essential life style residential option particularly for those older adults who may need more care than can be provided in a Personal Care Home.


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