August 10, 2020

PCH/ALR CARES Act Funding Payment Status

The Department of Human Services provided a list of the distribution of CARES Act Funding as of August 7, 2020. Click HERE for the link to the report. This is a list of facility acceptance forms that have been reviewed and approved by DHS OLTL and forwarded for processing as of August 7th. DHS had stated that once approved the payments should be sent within 10 days of receipt for processing.

Any that are not on the list have either not been processed or applied. For providers that have not submitted, there is currently no deadline. Do NOT resubmit if you are uncertain of whether or not the facility acceptance form was received.  The fiscal office is now replying if it is received, but for those submitted earlier, you should assume it was received   In some cases, the office has received 4 or more for the same provider and this is only slowing the process down.

If you have not applied, HERE is the link for the Facility Acceptance Form and subsidy amounts for PCH/ALR.

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