December 17, 2020

Return to work Guidelines and Preparing for Staffing Shortages in PCH/ALR

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the Commonwealth, the risk of staff of Long-Term Care facilities have being exposed to and testing positive for COVID-19 increases, potentially causing staffing shortages.

For information on when staff can safely return to work after they were confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, please refer to HAN 516, Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19.  In addition to return to work criteria, HAN 516 also includes strategies to mitigate healthcare personnel staffing shortages which can also be applied to direct care staff working in Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living facilities.   

Please review your home’s emergency staffing plan to ensure it includes alternatives for the home to put into place if a staffing shortage is experienced.  Staffing resources are becoming more limited, please consider what contingencies you may have to put in place to ensure adequate services can be provided if you experience an outbreak. 

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