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New Updates

Updated Guidance for PCH, ALR, IFC – 4-5-21
Guidance for Tuberculin Skin Testing and COVID Vaccination – Assisted Living 4-1-21
PA HAN 559 – Updated Quarantine 3-16-21
PA HAN 560 – Updated Work Restrictions 3-16-21
CMS Updated Guidance including Visitation 3-10-21

Covid Vaccine

DOH’s Equitable Vaccine Distribution Fact Sheet
PA DOH Vaccine Website
Secretary Order of HealthCare Personnel Vaccine 1-6-2021
Vaccine Pharmacy Partnership FAQ 12-30-2020
Long Term Care Facility COVID-19 Vaccine Questions 12-31-2020

CDC Vaccine Toolkit 12-23-2020
CDC Guidance Vaccination for Previous Infections
Argentum Vaccine FAQ
Argentum Vaccine Readiness Webinar
Argentum Vaccine Toolkit
PA COVID Vaccine Interim Plan 12-11-2020
Department of Health Vaccine Website
PA COVID19 Vaccination Executive Summary 10-27-2020
FAQ – COVID Vaccine Pharmacy Partnership Program
COVID Vaccine Pharmacy Program Overview 10-16-2020
CVS COVID-19 Vaccine Resource
Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccine Resource
CDC COVID-19 Resource

Reopening Guidance

Updated Guidance on COVID-19 for PCH/ALR 1-29-2021
Regional Congregate Care Assistance Teams 12-31-2020
Updated Guidance for PCH and ALR 11-25-2020
Guidance on COVID19 for PCH/ALR 10-26-2020
Guidance on COVID19 PCH/ALR FAQ 10-26-2020
COVID Education Toolkit, Posters 10-7-2020
Order for PPE 8-17-2020
Reopening Guidance FAQ 8-5-2020
UPDATED Reopening Guidance 7-29-2020
Sample Implementation Plan PCH/ALR 7-29-2020


Regional Congregate Care Assistance Teams 12-31-2020
RRHCP Call Center Information 7-24-2020
RRHCP Webinar PowerPoint 7-24-2020
RRHCP Webinar Recording 7-24-2020
RRHCP Announcement 7-21-2020
Tomorrow’s Healthcare Resource for PCH/ALR

Universal Testing

Universal Testing FAQ 7-29-2020
Universal Testing Order for PCH/ALR 6-26-2020
Requirements for Universal Testing 6-26-2020
FAQ on Universal Testing 6-26-2020

Cares Act Funding – Act 24

Act 24 CARES Act Funding Reporting User Guide 12-9-2020
CARES ACT Cost Reporting Form 10-27-2020
CARES Act Funding FAQ 7-22-2020
CARES Act Funding Disbursement for PCH/ALR $45million 6-25-2020
CARES Act Funding Disbursement for PCH SSI Residents $5million 6-25-2020
CARES Act Facility Acceptance Form 6-23-2020
Information on Cares Act Distribution 6-22-2020

BHSL Updates

Procedures for Self Inspection to Increase Capacity 11-16-2020
PCH/ALR Administrator 24 online CEU 6-11-2020
SansWrite POC Quick Reference Guide 6-2-2020
DHS Inspections to begin 5-28-2020
COVID19 Facility Reporting Requirements for PCH/ALR 5-26-2020
Secretary Levine Order Reporting Requirements for PCH/ALR 5-22-2020
Expedited Direct Care Staff Training for PCH and ALR 5-15-2020
Clarification on Visitation Restrictions for PCH/ALR 5-5-2020
Diabetes Insulin Training during COVID19
DHS licensed Congregate Care PPE Needs Process
Critical PPE Needs Assessment Questionnaire
COVID19 PPE Fact Sheet
Guidance for PCH/ALR regulation waivers and grace periods
Letter from Deputy Secretary Kevin Hancock
COVID-19 Guidance for PCH/ALR
Temporary Medication Training Alternative
Medication Trainers Face to Face Online Webinars
Universal Masking of Health Care Workers and Staff in Congregate Care Settings
New and Existing Certification of Compliance Application Process
Department of Health LTCF Data

CPR/First Aid certification extensions because of COVID-19.
The OLTL has recommended contacting your trainer for extensions for CPR/First certification expiration.
American Heart Association Extension Information
Red Cross Extension Information

Department of Human Services 

DHS Coronavirus Website
Coronavirus Provider Resources
Press Releases
Abbreviated LTCF Preparedness Assessment
Active Screening
CDC LTCF Messaging
COVID-19 Symptomatic Line List template
EPA List 
Family Letter Confirmed Case
Healthcare facility COVID-19 Exposure Tracking

Department of Health

DOH FAQ COVID-19 Clinical Laboratories 11-22-2020
Updated Order for Universal Face Coverings 11-17-2020
Order Travel Mitigation 11-17-2020
Updated Hospital Guidance 11-16-2020
Updated PPE Order FAQ 11-16-2020
DOH Coronavirus Website
Mandatory Mask Order by Sec. Levine 7-1-2020
PA Emergency Preparedness Guide

Governor Wolf Website

Current and Past Press Conferences
by DOH and Governor Wolf

New – Guidance for Infection Prevention and Control 11-17-2020
Argentum Essential Caregiver Toolkit 10-1-2020
Coronavirus Information
Smart Testing White Paper
Argentum Guidance for Managing COVID-19 Restrictions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Holiday Celebrations 11-12-2020
CDC Website
Guidance for Retirement Communities
Considerations When Preparing for COVID-19 in Assisted Living Facilities

Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services
CMS Coronavirus
CMS COVID-19 Toolkit
CMS Podcasts Stakeholder Calls
CMS Nursing Home Reopening 5-18-2020
CMS Nursing Home Reopening FAQ 5-18-2020

DOH/DHS Information
Operational Guidelines for LTSS Providers
LTC Visitation Guidelines
COVID-19 at Risk Individuals Fact Sheet
PA COVID-19 Guide

Expanded Telehealth for Medicare Beneficiaries during COVID-19
Fact SheetFAQ on Telehealth

Department of Labor and Industry
COVID-19 Guidance & Resources

Department of Banking and Securities Provides
for Pennsylvanians financially impacted by Coronavirus

Department of Aging
COVID-19 Information is available  HERE 

Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources COVID-19 website

Department of State

Waived and Suspended Licensing Regulations

Department of Community and Economic Development 
COVID-19 Resources for Businesses, Communities, and Local Governments

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