May 18, 2023

Discontinuation of COVID reporting tool for PCH and ALR

DHS OLTL ARL announcement:

This communication contains information about the discontinuation of the online COVID-19 reporting tool and the additional requirements for reporting that were directly tied to the Federal Public Health Emergency. 

Shortly after the start of the Federal Public Health Emergency for COVID-19,  the Office of Long Term Living (OLTL), required all licensed entities to submit information on residents and staff who tested positive for COVID-19 at  Starting on May 11th 2023, the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency, this reporting requirement was discontinued and the reporting portal was closed.  Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Residence are no longer required to report every COVID-19 case. 

Moving forward, if you experience a COVID-19 outbreak in your facility, please utilize the Department’s Reportable Incident and Condition form for reporting, per § 2600.16 and § 2800.16. If you experience a significant outbreak, 

contact your regional licensing office.   Ongoing assistance with infection prevention and control is available through the LTC-RISE program

Thank you for your efforts in the past three years to serve individuals in these difficult times and provide timely data to the Department.  

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